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Date of Last Mirrored Security Advisory: 2005-05-22 (yyyy-mm-dd)

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Security Notices


NetBSD-SA2004-010.txt.asc Insufficient argument validation in compat code
NetBSD-SA2004-009.txt.asc ftpd root escalation
NetBSD-SA2004-008.txt.asc CVS server vulnerability
NetBSD-SA2004-007.txt.asc Systrace systrace_exit() local root
NetBSD-SA2004-006.txt.asc TCP protocol and implementation vulnerability
NetBSD-SA2004-005.txt.asc Denial of service vulnerabilities in OpenSSL
NetBSD-SA2004-004.txt.asc shmat reference counting bug
NetBSD-SA2004-003.txt.asc OpenSSL 0.9.6 ASN.1 parser vulnerability
NetBSD-SA2004-002.txt.asc Inconsistent IPv6 path MTU discovery handling
NetBSD-SA2004-001.txt.asc Insufficient packet validation in racoon IKE daemon


NetBSD-SA2003-018.txt.asc DNS negative cache poisoning
NetBSD-SA2003-017.txt.asc OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities
NetBSD-SA2003-016.txt.asc Sendmail - another prescan() bug CAN-2003-0694
NetBSD-SA2003-015.txt.asc Remote and local vulnerabilities in XFree86 font libraries
NetBSD-SA2003-014.txt.asc Insufficient argument checking in sysctl(2)
NetBSD-SA2003-013.txt.asc Kernel memory disclosure via ibcs2
NetBSD-SA2003-012.txt.asc Out of bounds memset(0) in sshd
NetBSD-SA2003-011.txt.asc off-by-one error in realpath(3)
NetBSD-SA2003-010.txt.asc remote panic in OSI networking code
NetBSD-SA2003-009.txt.asc sendmail buffer overrun in prescan() address parser
NetBSD-SA2003-008.txt.asc faulty length checks in xdrmem_getbytes
NetBSD-SA2003-007.txt.asc (Another) Encryption weakness in OpenSSL code
NetBSD-SA2003-006.txt.asc Cryptographic weaknesses in Kerberos v4 protocol
NetBSD-SA2003-005.txt.asc RSA timing attack in OpenSSL code
NetBSD-SA2003-004.txt.asc Format string vulnerability in zlib gzprintf()
NetBSD-SA2003-003.txt.asc Buffer Overflow in file(1)
NetBSD-SA2003-002.txt.asc Malformed header Sendmail Vulnerability
NetBSD-SA2003-001.txt.asc Encryption weakness in OpenSSL code


NetBSD-SA2002-029.txt.asc named(8) multiple denial of service and remote execution of code
NetBSD-SA2002-028.txt.asc Buffer overrun in getnetbyname/getnetbyaddr
NetBSD-SA2002-027.txt.asc ftpd STAT output non-conformance can deceive firewall devices
NetBSD-SA2002-026.txt.asc Buffer overflow in kadmind daemon
NetBSD-SA2002-025.txt.asc trek(6) buffer overrun
NetBSD-SA2002-024.txt.asc IPFilter FTP proxy
NetBSD-SA2002-023.txt.asc sendmail smrsh bypass vulnerability
NetBSD-SA2002-022.txt.asc buffer overrun in pic(1)
NetBSD-SA2002-021.txt.asc rogue vulnerability
NetBSD-SA2002-019.txt.asc Buffer overrun in talkd
NetBSD-SA2002-018.txt.asc Multiple security isses with kfd daemon
NetBSD-SA2002-017.txt.asc shutdown(s, SHUT_RD) on TCP socket does not work as intended
NetBSD-SA2002-016.txt.asc Insufficient length check in ESP authentication data
NetBSD-SA2002-015.txt.asc (another) buffer overrun in libc/libresolv DNS resolver
NetBSD-SA2002-014.txt.asc fd_set overrun in mbone tools and pppd
NetBSD-SA2002-013.txt.asc Bug in NFS server code allows remote denial of service
NetBSD-SA2002-012.txt.asc buffer overrun in setlocale
NetBSD-SA2002-011.txt.asc Sun RPC XDR decoder contains buffer overflow
NetBSD-SA2002-010.txt.asc symlink race in pppd
NetBSD-SA2002-009.txt.asc Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL code
NetBSD-SA2002-007.txt.asc Repeated TIOCSCTTY ioctl can corrupt session hold counts
NetBSD-SA2002-006.txt.asc buffer overrun in libc/libresolv DNS resolver
NetBSD-SA2002-005.txt.asc OpenSSH protocol version 2 challenge-response authentication
NetBSD-SA2002-004.txt.asc Off-by-one error in openssh session
NetBSD-SA2002-003.txt.asc IPv4 forwarding doesn't consult inbound SPD
NetBSD-SA2002-002.txt.asc gzip buffer overrun with long filename
NetBSD-SA2002-001.txt.asc Close-on-exec, SUID and ptrace(2)


NetBSD-SA2001-018.txt.asc Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in BSD Line Printer Daemon
NetBSD-SA2001-017.txt.asc sendmail(8) incorrect command line argument check leads to
NetBSD-SA2001-016.txt.asc unsafe chdir usage in fts(3)
NetBSD-SA2001-015.txt.asc Insufficient checking of lengths passed from userland to kernel
NetBSD-SA2001-014.txt.asc dump(8) exposes 'tty' group
NetBSD-SA2001-013.txt.asc OpenSSL PRNG weakness (up to 0.9.6a)
NetBSD-SA2001-012.txt.asc telnetd(8) options overflow
NetBSD-SA2001-011.txt.asc Insufficient msg_controllen checking for sendmsg(2)
NetBSD-SA2001-010.txt.asc sshd(8) "cookies" file mishandling on X11 forwarding
NetBSD-SA2001-009.txt.asc Race condition between sugid-exec and ptrace(2)
NetBSD-SA2001-008.txt.asc Processes can gain "Supervisor" privileges on sh3.
NetBSD-SA2001-007.txt.asc IP Filter may incorrectly pass packets
NetBSD-SA2001-006.txt.asc Denial of service using bogus fragmented IPv4 packets
NetBSD-SA2001-005.txt.asc Ftpd denial of service and remote buffer overflow
NetBSD-SA2001-004.txt.asc NTP remote buffer overflow
NetBSD-SA2001-003.txt.asc Secure Shell vulnerabilities and key generation.
NetBSD-SA2001-002.txt.asc Vulnerability in x86 USER_LDT validation.
NetBSD-SA2001-001.txt.asc Multiple BIND vulnerabilities


NetBSD-SA2000-018.txt.asc One-byte buffer overrun in ftpd
NetBSD-SA2000-017.txt.asc Exploitable bugs in kerberised telnetd and libkrb
NetBSD-SA2000-015.txt.asc format-string bugs in passwd/libutil
NetBSD-SA2000-014.txt.asc Global-3.55 allows world-wide executable cgi.
NetBSD-SA2000-013.txt.asc cfengine contains format string vulnerabilities
NetBSD-SA2000-012.txt.asc buffer overflow in NIS hostname lookup code
NetBSD-SA2000-011.txt.asc vulnerability in netscape versions prior to 4.74
NetBSD-SA2000-010.txt.asc wu-ftpd package vulnerability.
NetBSD-SA2000-009.txt.asc ftpd setproctitle vulnerability.
NetBSD-SA2000-008.txt.asc dhclient vulnerability
NetBSD-SA2000-007.txt.asc bad key generation in libdes if no /dev/urandom
NetBSD-SA2000-006.txt.asc /etc/ftpchroot parsing broken in NetBSD-1.4.2
NetBSD-SA2000-005.txt.asc Local "cpu-hog" denial of service
NetBSD-SA2000-004.txt.asc SysV semaphore denial-of-service
NetBSD-SA2000-003.txt.asc Exploitable Vulnerability in Xlockmore
NetBSD-SA2000-002.txt.asc IP options processing Denial of Service
NetBSD-SA2000-001.txt.asc procfs security hole


NetBSD-SA1999-012.txt.asc ptrace(2)'d processes can gain "kernel" privileges on vax.
NetBSD-SA1999-011.txt.asc profil(2) can modify setuid root programs
NetBSD-SA1999-010.txt.asc ARP table vulnerability
NetBSD-SA1999-009.txt.asc SVR4 compatibility device creation vulnerability
NetBSD-SA1999-008.txt.asc Kernel hang or panic in name lookup under certain circumstances
NetBSD-SA1999-007.txt.asc noexec mount flag is not properly handled by non-root mount
NetBSD-SA1999-006.txt.asc Security hole in umapfs
NetBSD-SA1999-005.txt.asc Security problem in lsof package fixed.
NetBSD-SA1999-004.txt.asc traceroute can create untraceable packet floods
NetBSD-SA1999-003.txt.asc Security problems in wu-ftpd package fixed
NetBSD-SA1999-002.txt.asc Security problem with netstat
NetBSD-SA1999-001.txt.asc select(2)/accept(2) race condition in TCP servers


NetBSD-SA1998-005.txt.asc Problem with mmap(2) and many drivers.
NetBSD-SA1998-004.txt.asc Problem with at(1) allows any file to be read.
NetBSD-SA1998-003.txt.asc mmap(2) of append-only files may result in corrupted data.
NetBSD-SA1998-002.txt.asc xterm and Xaw library vulnerability
NetBSD-SA1998-001.txt.asc BIND 4.9.6 vulnerabilities

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