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FreeBSD Supplementary Documentation

All the material in this section is installed by default on FreeBSD systems. Start by looking in the /usr/share/doc/ directory.
For applications and libraries installed after the first system install, start by looking in the /usr/local/share/doc/ directory.
For X11R6, start by looking in the /usr/X11R6/share/doc/ directory.

FreeBSD Handbook for Release 4.9 & 5.1
FreeBSD Man Pages - Thes pages are created via cgi on this machine.
FreeBSD Books
FreeBSD Articles
FreeBSD Misc supplementary documentation.


The comp.unix.programmer FAQ (Mirrored)

Unix Socket FAQ

Frequently-Asked Questions about SED, the stream editor

System Applications

O'Reillys' The UNIX CD Bookshelf includes:

  • UNIX Power Tools
  • UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition
  • Learning the vi Editor
  • sed & awk
  • Learning the Korn Shell
  • Learning the UNIX Operating System
vi quick references/

GDB - Gnu Debugger manual explains how to use GDB

Third-Party Applications

MYSQL 5.0.1 Man Pages
The original gzip'd tarball. The PDF version

LISP Tutorial
The tarball is available for mirroring.

TCL/TK Man Pages
The original gzip'd tarball.

Selected Pocket and PDA References Applications

Lisp, Palm Markup Language and SED

Undocumented System Programs

NOT CURRENT FreeBSD Default Cronjobs - A helpful listing of the default cronjobs that run on FreeBSD r.3.x.


RFC Editor The complete list of RFC's. Done as a memorial to Jon Postel, the first and most respected RFC editor.

The Internet Engineering Task Force

Internet FAQ Archives

Events - SVBUG Events
BABE - Bay Area BSD Events
BSD Developer (Documentation, Mirrors, Benchmarks, Online Tools)
BSD Administrator (Man, Security, Ports)

Past SVBUG Events
About BSD
History of BSD

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