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Upcoming Events

June , 2006 - 7:45pm
We will be changing the day of the month we meet.

Future Events

All speaker and dates are tentitive.


Nick Turner - Genetic Programming
Jesse Monroy - Making a kernel from Generic for FreeBSD for Release 4.10
Jesse Monroy - Futuristic Views of Quasi-Intelligent Computing
Jesse Monroy - FreeBSD Languages Galore (Lisp, APL, Cobol, etc.)
Jesse Monroy - 7 essential User commands
John Sokol - Fractals & Mathematics

Communicated, but Uncommited

Mike Chevouzki - The Installation of QNU
John Butzburger - Voice Recognition Systems

List to Ask

Completed Commitments

Charles (Chuck) Moore - Author of Forth Programming Langauge
Paul Cubbage - CEO OpenCountry.Org
Ernest Prabhakar - Manager of Apple Computers Open Source Projects
Jef Raskin - Author of "The Humane Interface"
Paul Fronberg - PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module)
Jon Chen - ShopIP (The CrunchBox) - in place of John Drapper
Mike Olson - VP of SleepCat Software (Embedded BSD DB)
Julio Monroy - status of SCO trial

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