Past Events for 2000

Dec 7, 2000
---Feature Track-- 7:45pm--
Feature: Paul Cubbage, CEO OpenCountry.Org
No Notes. See "Work in Progress" Website.

Nov. 2, 2000
---Track 1-- 7:00pm--
Overview of regular expressions and vi(1).

---Feature Track-- 7:45pm--
Chuck Moore, Inventor of the Forth Programming Language, talks about thinking "Outside the Box".
Notes NOT Available Yet.

Oct. 5, 2000
---Track 1-- 7:00pm--
Overview of regular expressions and grep(1).

---Feature Track-- 7:45pm--
Jesse Monry, Club President, will speak on setting up FreeBSD as a firewall.
A Link to notes on this talk.

Sept. 7, 2000
The first meeting ever for SVBUG.

---Track 1---
The introductions for beginners started at 7:00pm.
The discussion was about tricks with cat(1).

---Track 2---
The general meeting started at 8:00pm.
There was no speaker, but an annoymous NetBSD kernel developer spoke on the status of NetBSD.

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