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July 7, 2005
---Feature Track-- 7:45pm--
Feature: Julio Monroy - The current status of the SCO trial.


Frank Sorensen's Tuxrocks
- This web site has a thorough, up-to-date listing of all the documents filed in the court case. Considered the central repository of all the court documents (probably because Frank lives in Salt Lake City, near the court house).

Pamela Jones' GROKLAW
- For complete legal analysis by a former paralegal and the general community, this is the place to visit. Other issues, like patents, copyrights, and FOSS issues are covered.

Lewis A. Mettler's LAMLAW
- Excellent legal analysis blog that covers both SCO/IBM and Microsoft, written by a lawyer.

Yahoo! Finance Board
- Be sure to click on "Full Message Board for SCOX" to see the full board, including recommendations. The posts with the highest recommendations (typically 15 or above) are usually the ones worth reading.

Andy Green's WARMCAT
- This web site is meant to act as an advanced indexing/filter tool for various of the Yahoo! finance message boards, including SCOX.

Al Petrofsky's SCOFACTS
- Another web site with all the court case documents, and some analysis.

Scott McKellar's SCO and Linux FAQ
- The FAQ is quite extensive, but well worth reading. It explains all the aspects of the SCOvIBM legal case, summarized over several pages. Includes extensive link references too.

Novell's Correspondence with SCO- I'd recommend reading all documents starting from the beginning.

Eric Levenez' Unix Timeline

Dennis Ritchie's USL v. BSDi documents

For information regarding the Canopy Group, go to the GROKLAW web site and perform a search for either, or both of these terms, "Canopy Yarro"

Added 2006-02-15
OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint

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