Aug 4, 2005
---Feature Track-- 7:45pm--
Feature: Jesse Monroy, Jr. - Club President - Basic Xterm Configuration.

RTF version here

Basic Xterm Xconfiguration
xterm provides DEC VT102/VT220 and Tektronic 4014 compatible terminals
Command Line Options
verbose message description is written to standard error
verion is written to standard output
reverse video
-fg color
-bg color
-geometry WxH+c+c
size and placement
-title title
Title in window bar
ScrollBar On
-sl n
Scroll Lines (64 default)
force scrollbar on right side
-e prog args
execute program
does not exit on shell termination
Keyboard/Mouse Actions
Larger Font/Window
Smaller Font/Window
mark start of selection
select text
paste selected text (emulation is both buttons together)
extend selection
Main Options
VT Options
VT Fonts
Switch to TTY mode (usually ttyv7)
Switch back to Xterm Windows
See Also:
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt - color tables
xterm -bg black -fg cyan -geometry 80x43-0+0 -sb -rightbar -sl 2000
-bg black
background black
-fg cyan
foreground cyan
-geometry 80x43-0+0
size(80x43 chars), topright
-sb -rightbar -sl 2000
scrollbar (on), right side, 2000 scrollback lines

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